About Ashanti 


I'm a business strategist, speaker and mentor with a background in finance, marketing and food. I left my corporate career to run my own businesses with just an old laptop, WiFi and pure grit.

I've learnt an incredible amount about business, money and myself along the way. Now I share my experiences and insights so others can learn from my mistakes and maybe even be inspired by my breakthroughs!

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Some of my successes include:

  • Successful Banking Compliance Career. 
  • Creating a network of over 500 entrepreneurs, industry experts and thought leaders within 12 months. 
  • World Innovation Food & Beverage Judge 2017/8
  • Virgin Start-Up Mentor
  • Started one of the few food business podcasts in the UK which showcases women in food globally.  
  • Business Writer For Online Outlets
  • I also speak regularly at start up events, business conferences, universities and networking events. 

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My signature talks/workshops cover the following:

  • The Power of Live Video Marketing in Business in 2017.
  • How To Start and Grow A Thriving Food Business in the UK.
  • How To Start A Business With £0 In Your Bank Account. 
  • The Importance of Personal Branding In Business.
  • Engaging And Activating Audiences And Communities To Explode Your Income. 

For all press/speaking/media enquiries please book a call to discuss this further.

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Areas of expertise include:

  • Building communities and networks
  • Creating, promoting and monetizing podcasts and live streams
  • Digital Marketing & Digital Asset Creation
  • How to start your own podcast for under £75
  • How To Pitch For Podcast Features
  • Content Marketing For Business Growth
  • The Food Business